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  1. What is causing the negativity is that this update even MADE IT TO LIVE. The problem happens so very fast that even a minimum of QA would have picked it up. Even just running it with the Task Manager open makes the problem patently obvious!
  2. This isn't about design, it's about QA. This update should never have been released to live.
  3. LMAO. I am running a gaming rig with an i7 and 8 gigs of RAM. It was 11:15 AM EST (15 minutes after the update was pushed) for my computer to crash. FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!
  4. Luckily I was able to capture my activation key before I uninstalled.
  5. Yep. ^^THIS^^ It took less than 5 minutes after 11 AM EST for my computer to crash. Wouldn't have taken much to QA THIS mess!!
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