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  1. 2 minutes ago, LadyFitzgerald said:

    How the big fat hairy heck do I shut off Malwarebytes? I hit the Quit button but the blasted thing keeps coming back on it's own; the antimalware program has become malware!  I also had automatic updates shut off but the stupid program must have turned them back on. Malwarebytes has been having problems with updates since version 2 came out. Hire some competent software engineers!

    Go in through Ctrl+Alt+Del and suspend the tasks or use ProcessExplorer and kill the processes.  It's worked with mine so far (crosses fingers).

  2. I have the same issue in the last hour or so, and have been unable to get my machine up and running at all with MB running, which is a bit of a worry since I had to remove all other protection software on installing MB (at your instruction).

    FRST is running, since I had it on my machine from the last shenanigans.



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