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  1. I had to uninstall all of the other AV software I had on my machine because MB wouldn't run with them installed (even installed but not running) and I'd paid for the service by the time the problem arose.
  2. OK, so I'm sitting here in my little sandbox, hoping that it's enough to deal with any nasties that are around, but I run forums and facebook pages as a job and I can't exactly go clicking links, can I? This is going on way too long now. Just push through yesterday's update and tell us all how we're meant to run it without crashing our computers.
  3. Go in through Ctrl+Alt+Del and suspend the tasks or use ProcessExplorer and kill the processes. It's worked with mine so far (crosses fingers).
  4. Presumably the people who are here are either using a different machine that doesn't have MB installed or have turned it off or uninstalled it. I've killed the processes and am checking in case it turns itself back on.
  5. OK, so how am I meant to run an update when I can't start MB up without it crashing my computer? My machine isn't old but it doesn't run 64Gb of memory as some of you clearly do in your machines!
  6. I think it's a MB issue, not a user issue. There are a pile of new threads all with similar issues in the last hour or two. I've currently not got MB running at all and am crossing my fingers and hoping just with Windows Defender, because it's the only way my machine will run.
  7. There's a whole selection of threads on the same topic in the last hour or so. I think it's a MB issue, not an individual user issue.
  8. I have the same issue in the last hour or so, and have been unable to get my machine up and running at all with MB running, which is a bit of a worry since I had to remove all other protection software on installing MB (at your instruction). FRST is running, since I had it on my machine from the last shenanigans. mb-check-results.zip
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