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  1. Thank you for the info and the hard work in the background. I remain having trust in your company and I am sure the new procedure will prevent something like this happening again.
  2. I also was on youtube... I asked the same. Would be profitable for sure.
  3. I started vacuuming my computer. It was so damned hot and it shut down with blue screen. Turns out it was my MWB program doing horrible things just like malware would. So, anyone mining bitcoin with malwarebytes software there???
  4. • Web protection won't start • Malwarebytes eating up to 20gb of my RAM As a result a nice BSOD. Blue Screen Of Death My PC got hot, my fans were working overtime. I checked and it was Malwarebytes doing crazy stuff with a number on my memory and processor. I hope you fix this soon because I am unprotected since I shut MB down! I already did a cleanup and a clean install with the newest version. Same result. Hurry up!
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