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  1. Solid point. But wishing that is the case and being the case is very different and honestly it's not really a standard practice now-a-days
  2. You speciest (idk the word for anti-species) WHAT ABOUT GIRAFFES STU?? WHAT ABOUT THEM? messed up dude. fore shame!
  3. Even though they obviously idiotically didn't do enough testing, its only been a couple of hours. It's a little too soon to make those comments. imo. but then again, who am i?
  4. This is your husband, why didn't you make me any nuggets?
  5. Blanket of ignorance: i.e. people with this problem didn't think of of trying your fix. I'm saying people tried that and it didn't help. Your fix doesn't work for everyone. Not all PC's are alike (lol). I don't know how to spell it out anymore than I just did.
  6. ok? I'm not saying I haven't before. Either way, I'm not having a conversation like this here. Have great day.
  7. You should just disable it or uninstall until they fix the problem. there is no working fix right now.
  8. You seriously have no idea what you're talking about. Just because you had that fix doesn't mean you can put this blanket of ignorance over all the people that are having this problem. like many of these people, I had tried your fix before I cam here with no avail and honestly I personally don't watch porn.
  9. Having the same problem. 2 computer crashes with 12GB+ of RAM being used. I had to uninstall it. I was getting a message of unable to connect to license server and also I could not connect the Web Protection successfully. I had to uninstall the Premium version I bought. Seems like this horrible bug ramps up by amount of ram you have and stays around 95%. On a side note, my Premium account is "gone." It says my email address has not been used with malware bytes. So now I have to buy another license because you guys are F***ing up. What is going on here....
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