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  1. Thank you. So the clients are supposed to be a different version number (12 vs 13) than the server? Also will the machines that are off for the weekend fix themselves on start Monday? Do I need to reboot all of the machines regardless?
  2. So I am still a little confused. We seemed to only have network blocking (anything Google and then some) and no memory issues. We have about 100 Windows7 clients most who are turned off for the weekend but about 30 on and affected. My inbox blew up with email notifications that I eventually turned off once I realized it was a false alarm. According to my console it is running a current signature of 2018.01.27.13 after a early afternoon update. My clients have a "database" of 2018.01.27.12 after an update push. Is this where I want to be? Honestly I adopted this mess and I have n
  3. Ya this is a mess. I have 200 users bombing my inbox. Please fix this ASAP. I know you are.
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