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  1. Both home and business come up with the same issue. Trend Micro and ESET don't report anything wrong with the files FYI.
  2. Yes I whitelisted/added exception to get around it. I'm assuming false positive too.
  3. ADOBE-Malware-Reader.zip 2 files attached. OR just download the newest Adobe Reader DC and it installs, then finds the files on first scan. Working on logs.
  4. Adobe Reader DC is a pretty common program so this was strange to pop up on us. This is probably a false positive. But wanted to see what others thought. C:\program files (X86)\adobe\acrobat reader dc\Reader\ccme_asym.dll C:\program files (X86)\adobe\acrobat reader dc\Reader\ccme_ecc.dll Adware.IstartSurf
  5. Malwarebytes needs to review their disaster recovery plans/alerting the public. Just put up a Twitter post or something on your website. 10:44AM the issue happened that I can tell.
  6. Can confirm, issues at 10:44AM as we have updates done every 10 minutes. We had to close our business down earlier due to this. Malwarebytes needs weekend support. First thing I thought was a bad database update, as same thing happend back in 2011 with an Astaro firewall I had. We instantly turned protection off and forced an updated. Not sure if all the computers go it (200 of them) because we can't VNC into them. So I think we have to go to each PC and reboot them. That seems to work. So first we turned off protection for both Malware and Anti-Exploit, then drove in 10 minutes, come in to reboot PCs, and then I can VNC to them as the service is disabled completely. How do you roll back? Can you rollback an update?
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