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  1. Still took 22 minutes to complete. As I said I want to see the Quick Scan back in the FREE version. Thanks. Wildman
  2. Okay because I have liked this program for a good long time I will dowbload and install it once again. I keep a very clean machine and do not have any clutter on it. I do all that has been previously suggested on a weekly bases and some times even more often than that. Thanks. Wildman
  3. Threat scan is taking about 26 minutes on my 500GB not quiet 1/3 full dsik. This is anything but quick. I want a scan that takes no more than 6 to 7 minutes as it did before the release of this new version. Spin it all you want, but this flat sucks IMO. Thanks. Wildman
  4. I hope when the next version (FREE) comes out the Quick scan is back. I do not like the current version for this reason. The scan available now is anyting but quick. A good product otherwise. Thanks. Wildman
  5. That is anything but QUICK, more like a FULL scan 26 minutes on a barely 1/3 full disk is not what I consider quick. Thanks. Wildman
  6. Since the quick scan option in the FREE version is no longer available I have removed Malwarebytes from my machine. Until it is brought back I am going with SuperAntiSptware. Thanks. Wildman
  7. Thanks Wildman This taken from Majorgeek
  8. I know for a fact that you use majorgeek for the shareware version, perhaps you could use them for the FREE as well. They are rather welll known. Filefippo is another possibility. It erks me to reward a company that is less than 100 per cent trust worthy, an in my opinion CNET has fallen to that level. Again just my two cents worth. Thanks Wildman
  9. Okay let's just forget about all this an stick to the subject of this thread. IMO CNET should be avoided an Malwarebytes direct users of the FREE product to another download cite. Thanks Wildman
  10. This is ridcluse an not worth it. Get it in youe heads it si the smallness of the letters when one is typing their posts that I frind a hassel. Now I do belong to a few other forums an there is never been a problem with this issue. I buy the way use Windows7. Thanks Wildman
  11. I use FF an have it set to use the size I have specified not what cites want. Sorry but this quiet frankly is an unnecessary pain in the rear an not worth the hassel. An yes I did take offense at the attitude. Thanks Wildman
  12. I do indeed have a vision problem an when I type making my post the #%^* type is almost impossible to see, so cut me some slack. The Ctrl + doesn't work by the way. Thanks Wildman
  13. As of late CNET has become very untrust worthy. Malwarebytes free version is beging hosted by them. I strongly suggets that they no longer be utilized an a new cite be found where to obtain Malwarebytes free version. Thanks Wildman
  14. Oh well for the sins of a few the many will pay I guess. Should have banned the bad eggs an forgot about 50 posts. I guess I will just hope I don't have many typos because I sure ain't jumping threw hoops just to post here. Thanks Wildman
  15. Why? I have a vision issue an make a bunch of typos so an edit capability is a biggie for me. Thanks Wildman
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