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  1. I received a bank alert the other day that I was charged $39.99. I looked into it and it was for my MalwareBytes renewal. I submitted a ticket because I didn't want to renew because I purchased this on Black Friday 3 years ago and was waiting for Black Friday to renew. Their site has $19.99 Black Friday sale. I want to be clear that I was charged $39.99 the same day that the $19.99 sale was listed on the website. I created a ticket and received my case number. A few hours later I received another email stating that they were really busy but if I still needed help to reply back to the email. I'
  2. Wow, you must have a modded version of Windows to have a task master.
  3. If you only did safe surfing, what do you need MBAM for?
  4. Just right click the tray icon and close the application. You are running unprotected, which you didn't pay for, but your system will be stable.
  5. Same here. Crashed my system. Came out of nowhere. NowI keep getting real time protection has been turned off. Frustrating.
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