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  1. Ah, then we have to just wait until they patch it. I just closed the program for now. Won't have to wait long, they'll fix it today.
  2. lol, relax chicken little, no software out there has never been released without any hiccups. Malwarebytes is still the best antivirus out there. Give them a few hours to fix the problem and then you can feel safe again in the dark reaches of the internet.
  3. Oh, I'm sure. Don't worry though, I'm sure right now they are going 'oh stuff' and are coming out with a fix today.
  4. If you saved a previous version of Malwarebytes all you have to do is uninstall the current version and install a previous one, making sure you have the auto update turned off. This issue could also be caused by the library being corrupted, so if it tries to download a new list it could cause the problems too.
  5. It's broke, for now. Just have to stop the process until Malwarebytes comes up with a patch.
  6. Just as the title says, this morning my computer's resources are being eaten up by Malwarebytes while drivers are crashing. Also, Malwarebytes real time protection keeps turning on and off on its own. I thought it was a virus that managed to override the antivirus until I saw others here having the same issue. Rollback the last update for now until the issue has been resolved.
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