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  1. I'm looking around for that too. Anyone have input? I'm just hoping no user information is compromised and that this is, as I assume, a signature/authentication issue they didn't pick up because they (somewhat insanely) didn't test live. If there's any compromise, they really better be forthcoming with that.
  2. While I'm glad you're addressing it now, I just don't know how you can ship a memory leak like this. It's not even specific to one type of computer which would make it tough to replicate, it's literally every PC. This wasn't tested, which scares me frankly and makes me lose what little faith I had left in this product. This isn't a free product, this is something I paid for and you aren't delivering on your promises of keeping my computer safe and frankly I plan to start using something else. It's the weekend, but if it was a workday I would've easily lost a day of productivity. What if it is
  3. Thanks @exile360. I just un-installed the software though. I literally have a product that is the malware that made my PC un-useable. I'm actually more worried about MWB than malware at this point. It didn't catch the last bit of malware I picked up either. One of those new bitcoin miners, and I had to remove it manually. I'm just extremely disappointed with the company at this time. What's worse than the RAM leak is the complete lack of customer service and updates provided. Auto-replies, no way to reach them on forums, not responding on twitter.
  4. How do I get a refund? I have no confidence in your software anymore. I spent a half hour trying to find the malware that disabled web protection and caused my PC (which has 24GB of RAM since I produce music) to max cpu and RAM. It's your product. It is the malware. I have no idea how you could push out an update that blocks google, dropbox, disables web protection and has the most egregious RAM leak I've ever seen. I'm probably going to use a different company's malware/AV and I'm certainly never buying another product you guys put out. I've already uninstalled MWB so my PC is usable aga
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