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  1. Thanks for your help, @LDTate ! 😁 The tool ran, and required a reboot. Everything seems A-OK at the moment. Fixlog.txt is attached. I am usually a pretty prudent surfer; I believe this may have been a targeted attack against me from an "MVP" of a very well-respected Windows blog as revenge for me calling out for very un-MVPlike behavior. Is it possible for you to let me know what was found/removed and what the vector might have been and when? I suspect it was between Sunday 11/25 and Monday 11/26. If you need to PM me the info I understand and I might prefer it that way. 😊 Again, thanks so much, -Ike Fixlog.txt
  2. My AV solution (Kaspersky Total Security) has Webcam Protection. Don't have/want/need a cam at this point anyway. Couldn't find anything about microphones (which I do use all the time), but Kaspersky does note when an app is allowed to access audio stream. Maybe only plug in your devices when in use, or has been suggested, disable in device manager. HTH, -Ike
  3. If you have a Premium subscription, they ship you a roll of duct tape?
  4. ...with either malware, a coin miner/jacker, or a virus. I have MBAM Premium 3.6.1 and I run an auto scan (including rootkit) every night and I've run multiple scans on different areas (Full scans, C:/Windows/System32, the USERS folders, etc) and I can't find the nasty little critters! 😒 I also have Kaspersky Total Protection 2019. I've got the MBAM exclusions set up in KTS so as to avoid conflicts. Run regular scans with KTS as well. Next stop if y'all don't find it is the Kaspersky forum. FRST and Threat Scan logs are attached. Please help if you can and thanks so much! 😊 I don't see a "Follow" button but I do have "Notify me of replies" checked. -Ike FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat Scan 2018.12.01.txt
  5. @dcollins Okay, I applied your workaround. Please tell me how I'll be able to be protected from rootkits now since MBAM's daily scheduled scan *does not include* a rootkit scan?
  6. This has been happening every week or so for about two months. MBAM v Component Package v 1.0.391 Update Package v 1.0.5897 mbst-grab-results.zip
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