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  1. Also I understand Chrome with 10 tabs open. Not Malwarebytes. Kurt
  2. Unfortunately it will go way up when I get down with scan! I'll repost after it runs! Kurt
  3. Sorry this problem is not fixed! It keeps hogging resources and if you try and quit MalwareBytes through taskbar icons it Automatically restarts. I have rebooted a number if times and I am tired of it. I have been a long time user and it seems you are taking the product down a very dangerous trail. The last few months I have a large bloated file sitting in my task manager and the only way to clear it is to quit MalwareBytes and restart App. But at least it quit and stayed quit. I have always had issues with MalwareBytes and my sound system but ending it stopped problem. Yes I am on Windows 7 a
  4. At least it's on a Saturday! I tried the reinstall-doesn't work. Best way to stop is to Stop Malwarebytes Services (services.msc) and DISABLE through Properties.
  5. Same here. Had to disable service as it kept turning back on. Also remove Malwarebytes tray item. kmanglos
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