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  1. Recently my desktop started to not wake up from sleep mode correctly. Fans would spin but my monitor is not receiving a signal. I checked my event viewer and found this. How can I correct this corrupt file? Would a simple uninstall and reinstall fix it? A corruption was discovered in the file system structure on volume C:. The Master File Table (MFT) contains a corrupted file record. The file reference number is 0x2d2000000001596. The name of the file is "\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\LOGS\mbae-protector.xpe".
  2. Malwarebytes is still stopping Oculus games from installing... I always have to turn MBytes off before I download and install something or Oculus says it failed and it has to reloaded the whole game over again.
  3. I did the support tool reinstall and so far it seems to be working correctly. Thank you.
  4. Okay I left it open and it still turned off. This is what it looks like. Updates are stuck in an Applying loop and I can't interact with any of the real time protection options.
  5. Mine is currently working correctly as long as I keep the program open. If I hit the X to send it only to the taskbar it eventually tells me Web Protection has been turned off. When I try to open Malwarebytes after that, the program will not open. I have to end task in Task Manager and then start Malwarebytes again. mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Real time protection just turned itself off again. It's only web protection though.
  7. Restarted my PC again and it started with Malwarebytes working correctly. All real time protection is on. Will post here if it goes off again.
  8. Last night Malwarebytes started turning off web protection. Woke up this morning and it was fine. Then a bit later on the same pop up saying real time protection is turned off. I exited Malwarebytes and tried to start the program again and now its says it cannot connect. I restarted my PC and it's still giving me this error.
  9. Just wanted to update this saying it has not happened again.
  10. Recently my PC has started becoming incredibly sluggish only when being woken up from sleep mode. I managed to open my task manager and saw Malwarebytes was using 50% CPU usage. I then did an end task on Malwarebytes and everything starts running normally. Starting up Malwarebytes again seems to not cause any slow down or extreme CPU usage. Anyone else experience this before? I'm using Windows 10-64.
  11. I have the latest update but mine still seems confused. Web Protection at first claims it's on. Then when I go into settings and Protection it is set to off. Trying to turn it on still just has the "Starting..." label.
  12. Same here. Something strange is definitely going on with Malwarebytes today. It all started when I got an error with my Blizzard Battle.net Launcher. After that happened it constantly freezes when I either click "My Account" or enabled web protection. I downloaded the clean uninstall program and then reinstalled Malwarebytes then it couldn't contact the server to accept my key. Now all of sudden I think it's working okay. My web protection is now enabled. Do you by chance have the Battle.net launcher installed?
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