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  1. This is very annoying. Everytime my Malwarebytes automatically does a program update, it shuts down everything and forces my computer to reboot, not leaving me to save my stuff while I was in the middle of work. No there is no scan schedule.
  2. Strange. The one scheduled did not have the shutdown option. I ended up removing the scheduled scan anyway.
  3. Was just browsing then suddenly a red popup from malwarebytes said reboot required and suddenly shut down everthing. once my computer was back up, it said scan completed after removing 4 pups that i did not want removed. please add an option not to force reboot. thank you
  4. try running into safe mode. press f12 once you start up.
  5. Hi. Just restart the malwarebyte service and relaunch. fixed it for me there^^
  6. Registered an account to confirm this. This is freakin ridiculous. MB is suppose to protect our computers not kill them! First was the shields issue, then definitions that crashed the program...and now this!? Out of all my protection systems I've tried, this has to be the one that always have the most problems.
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