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  1. The version I had had been running since I had to re-install not long ago due to another bad update breaking it with a previous QT5 screw-up .. I have no idea what version was running, it would have been the latest that was available, I allowed it to update itself with whatever updates you provided it to update itself .. like I say, I'm convinced you served a bad update that caused it to crash it repeatedly whenever I tried to restart it. [edit] This was the last installer I ran: mb3-setup-consumer- dated 21 August
  2. Not going to waste my time getting this info, I've uninstalled MB3 and will wait a fix, life's too short to keep doing this.
  3. Yet again, out of nowhere I get a pop-up saying realtime protection is disabled and eventually I see MBAM.exe is crashing in QT5CORE.DLL. Since I have an old Visual Studio 6 installed (don't ask!) I see the stack trace and I think it shows that QT5SML is calling down to QT5CORE so I'm assuming perhaps yet again Malwarebytes has paused a badly formed SML file during an update. /sigh Guess like last time I'll have to wait for a fix .. can we put an end to these app-breaking updates pease?
  4. Thanks for the instructions, which (as you expected) seemed to work fine and MB is now back up and running. I did consider a simple re-install but I kind of get suspicious when things just 'stop working' like this, sadly my experience over the years with MB's updates regularly breaking (typically some modes like real-time protection simply ceasing to enable which Ive suffered three times so far) should have taught me that's going to solve it every time. Thanks.
  5. Got a popup a few minutes ago telling me real-time protection was disabled, at the same time I noticed the MB3 icon had gone from the system tray. When I try to restart it I now get this error message: "The procedure entry point ?setSceneGraphBackend@QuickWindow@@SAXW4GraphicsApi@QSGRenderInterface@@@Z - could not ne located in the dynamic link library Qt5Quick.dll" Presumably MB3 has updated itself to now need a function in a QT5 DLL that isn't there or
  6. The question is given this is a system-crashing problem why is your QA of updates so lax none of your pre-release testing caught it? False positives are one thing, though when they hit Windows system files I struggle to find a defense for A/V vendors, but this is so demonstrably catastrophic to users' systems I had expected your QA not to let such rubbish out!
  7. It locked up three machines requiring hard-resets due to the complete exhaustion of memory on all three. Two of the three machines there were running applications that lost data due to their inability to save it .. that's DESTRUCTIVE in my dictionary.
  8. Not the first time MB has done this, if you look back on here or Google "malwarebytes web protection won't start" you'll see several cases over the years, and that's not including the a good number of times it happens in not such a massively destructive way as it has now.
  9. Tried that on a Win7 system, didn't work, even though Service Manager had MBAMServe DISABLED, after killing it in Task Manager is was restarting every time I killed it. Uninstalling was the only way to get rid of it. On a Win10 system it has also broken Windows Defender! After uninstalling MB, Defender refuses to start after I tell it to use that instead of MB,
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