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  1. No outstanding issues, everything appears to be working fine now. I'll give you a build 1909 update this weekend.
  2. Hi Maurice, I am being offered 1909 and will update over the weekend. In addition, while in Safe mode w/ networking, I was able to obtain a set of logs from the Support Tool. If you think that there is any value in seeing them, I can attach them to the next reply. Thank you for all your help, Paul
  3. part[2]: Results look good ---------------------------------------------------------------------- C:\WINDOWS\system32>Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool Version: 10.0.17763.771 Image Version: 10.0.17763.914 [==========================100.0%==========================] The restore operation completed successfully. The operation completed successfully.
  4. sfc has completed: "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. For online repairs, details are included in the CBS log file located at windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For offline repairs, details are included in the log file provided by the /OFFLOGFILE flag." CBS.log
  5. Farbar's Service Scanner utility results The machine has been running fine for the last few hours, we may be in good shape! Thank you, Paul FSS.txt
  6. Hi Maurice, I do have 1.46 TB free on the system disk. I will run the disk cleanup utilities and report back. About 30 minutes after the reboot, everything is now running much better. Not sure what was bogging down the machine, but will still do the cleanup 🙂 Thank you, Paul
  7. After a reboot, I can still get to the Malwarebytes GUI. However, anything that hits the internet is very slow from this machine. I suspect that there is a conflict or overall config issue. WHat do you recommend to look at next? Thank you, Paul
  8. Hi Maurice, The support tool has been closed. Here is the info from the about screen (with an attached screenshot also): Version Information Malwarebytes version Update package version 1.0.17722 Component package version 1.0.793 I am going to reboot the machine and ensure that I can get into the Malwarebytes GUI (after a reboot). Right now, anything that hits the internet is behaving slowly (from only this computer). Thank you, Paul
  9. Hi Maurice, I closed all the open windows (Firefox, thunderbird, Winamp and task manager). However, before I closed Task Manager, I noticed that Windows Defender was running. I turned off Windows Defender (via settings) and the CPU and memory for mb-support shot up. 5 minutes later it was asking me to reboot and a new version was installed after the reboot. I now have both the Support Tool and the Malwarebytes 4.04 Premium GUI open (first time I have seen the GUI in a while). At this stage, what do you recommend that I do to ensure that I can open the GUI in the future? Shou
  10. Hi Maurice, The "cleanup" phase of the "Uninstall and reinstall" is still running after 6.5 hours (CPU usage about 2.0% and ~22MB of memory). Unless you think otherwise, I will just let it keep running....
  11. Hi Maurice, I just ran the Windows Defender Offline Scan and I have attached the results from c:\Windows\Microsoft Antimalware\Support There is .bin file that looks like it was created by the scan that I did not include. Thank you, Paul MPDetection-20200113-093949.log MPLog-20200113-093949.log msssWrapper.log
  12. Hi Maurice, The ESET Online Scanner did find some problems. Please see the attached log. Thank you, Paul eset-scan-log.txt
  13. Hi Maurice, The Microsoft Safety Scanner (step [4]) did find some problems (40) and fixed the issues. Please see the attached log. Thank you, Paul msert.log
  14. Apologies that I did not include the log from the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal run(step[3]). Here it is! mrt.log
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