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  1. I did a quick check-up of this current version of MBAM on an older version of Windows 10 and I was perplexed to see how quickly this instance of a Antivirus solution kept allocating more and more RAM over time. Within a short timespan it managed to claim nearly 300 MB of RAM while an other AV solution happily kept running without little to no change to it's RAM footprint. Yes, I am well aware Beta's needs more tweaking to get the bugs out. But this was unreal to me. Another thing that is beyond me is the fact only those with a full license seem to get access to the Beta program. I f
  2. Perhaps in light of the posts now popping up left and right, about Windows 10 build 2004 and severe performance issue and the like, you may want to add a check in the MBAsetup.exe checking Windows builds as is before it start the installation itself? I myself already am telling folks I know to be using MBAM to be extra careful with upgrades (Microsoft and MBAM alike). So I am doing my part making sure friends and college's of mine do not get trapped in this mess. Time to step up too Malwarebytes?
  3. Seems I may have to wait longer before I try MBAM then. Bummer as I was hoping to re-install once again. I will look forward to whatever logs are gathered. Perhaps I might see some similarities with my setup and get a more founded insight if indeed it is time once again for MBAM to be part of my security protections on my devices.
  4. I "believe" I will do better not to install any MBAM at this time. I am fully aware I am wasting my paid subscription for the 3 devices I bought it for. However since I have not been notified that my issue has been resolved (and I mean I am to get some tech-talk in depth details then) I am waiting. Note: I will again try to see if MBAM is trustworthy enough to protect my devices but only if and when a new version is announced or if I am directly contacted it has been resolved in the current version.
  5. Only by turning off which of the four separate components are causing the issue it is usually web protection or ransomware protection. Also does not hurt to place mutual exclusions in both Avast and Malwarebytes. Is this officially confirmed? I recall a Avast post once stating "Real site" being the issue at the time. If indeed web protection is the issue with the current MBA on Windows 10 Pro May 2020 I could re-install the MBA software but like you wrote disable this feature for the time being. However with an assumption I rather not try at all.
  6. Now that I think about the VM which was offered Windows 10 May 2020 I think I recall I recently bought a Windows license key for it through Windows Store. The other Windows 10 Pro running in VM's have older activations applied..
  7. From https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/status-windows-10-2004 Note We recommend that you do not attempt to manually update using the Update now button or the Media Creation Tool until this issue has been resolved. I fail to see this as a forced upgrade. Again any update or patch for that matter may not be available thru Windows Update for a number of reasons. But that discussion is not for this forum as it does not help the issue at hand. In your words: I am not defending Malwarebytes as there are issues with some configurations at the moment and has been g
  8. Unfortunatly you missed the info I provided. As you will be aware of I run Windows on both iron as I do on virtual hardware (VMware Workstation 15.5). You may agree with me if I run Windows 10 Pro (I have 5 VM's) on identical virtual machines and of those only 1 is offered the update you logic is flawed.
  9. Regarding your text: That is considered force upgrading before Windows update offers it to you. I would also have uninstalled Avast/AVG as 3rd party AV programs have a very high potential of messing feature updates up. I do not see this as force upgrading but I guess will look at it our own way.
  10. Added info: of the 3 Windows device I have running Windows 10 Pro/MBA/Avast/HitmanPro, the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is still 1909 (OS Build 18363.836) will state within Windows Update thru Setting that Version 2004 is not yet ready for the device. The computers current running Windows 10 Pro Version 2004 never showed this notification.
  11. The computer systems were made up-to-date thru Windows Update Assistant. Of course I made sure to look at the release notes (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/release-information/) regarding issue's listed for Version 2004. The Windows Update Assistant was downloaded from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10.
  12. I will review your advice for now. In my case MBA is a backup AV much like Hitman Pro/Alert and the native Windows Defender. Do know MBA Premium worked fine out of the box on 3 computers I govern but only after the computers had been updated with the Windows 10 Feature May 2020 update issue's arose. All of my device are up-to-date. If the beta does improve working in general then this automatically means the current version may have shortcoming. Beta's are great for testing the water / reviewing future features for those in the field whom like to test near public release(s) b
  13. Btw your tools needs some updating to be AVG acceptable. User folder names are not what a tool like your should include / read out as part of de log files in the zip. I myself had a look the logs and replaced folder names when possible (just hope I dit not miss anything).
  14. I am looking at similair issues with MBA on my Windows 10 May 2020 computer. Random freezing of the PC or when starting up the MBA services takes forever to get started (Running withing services).
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