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  1. Before you go hiring a lawyer, I have one question. Have you read the Malwarebytes Software License Agreement?
  2. Mine is here: https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login
  3. We were given brains with the ability to reason. We should use it. Aside from that, we both have our respective opinions. Have a good day, sir.
  4. In that case two things should be done to sort that. Malwarebytes should generate an email to all consumers, upon successfully purchasing the product, with links to Customer Support, these forums, etc., letting them know what to do in the event of an issue. (I actually find it difficult to believe that Malwarebytes do not do this already.) Customers should use their brains for something besides a hat rack, and do their own research. Finding information on a product, and learning what to do if you have an issue requiring Tech Support, should be the first actions performed before buying said product. There are too many search engines online today, to use the excuse, "I can't find information showing me what to do."
  5. I hear ya, Durew. I'm done with this thread. Have a good morning, afternoon, or evening, wherever you are.
  6. One could only hope. Because they are: Too thick to figure out they need a back up plan. Too cheap to pay for proper systems and software. These customers think that companies should be infallible. Therefore, their products should be as well.
  7. Finally! Thanks! Oh, I haven't been Blessed with grandchildren yet. Thanks though, for your concern.
  8. Never. No one can ever "cut off" my electricity. When the sun shines, my solar arrays produce all the power I require, and then some. I am not dependent on mains power.
  9. As do capital letters - ABCDEFG... Nope. You are correct. I'm 51 years old. I've been retired and living in SEA (that's Southeast Asia) since I was 34. Nope. Just suffering from a bit of sleep deprivation. Been awake since midnight. It's almost 6pm here, currently. But, you aren't exactly a rocket scientist. One can easily see that, by your sentence structure, you obviously failed English class.
  10. Yeah. A bunch of people, all who chose to bitch, gripe and moan, rather than to work to sort the issue. Snowflake.
  11. If that is the case, I hope they catch you and prosecute you to the full extent of the law. If you really do work for a paper mill, you just put them under the gun, bright guy.
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