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  1. So when all this issue went down, I disabled the Mbam service, rebooted = pc ran great. I see the announcement so I started the service--immediately the PC's fan started to take off, I downloaded /updated the database... and the system froze again.. I had to power cycle machine... pc started to boot-- but when Mbam service stared it started to get jittery again.... so I rebooted again ... same issue, however, I disabled the Mbam service and PC is running just fine again.... are you sure you have fixed this issue?
  2. Please let us know --via email when fixed , for those of us that removed or disabled it
  3. I did expect more than this....MBAM work bankers hours. They have a live customer service chat, but it is only M-F 9-6 PST.
  4. I could not agree MORE....lost a half of day and still counting Just continuously eats RAM until system becomes unusable forcing a reset. Very surprised at Malwarebytes for this. Given the far reaching damage its caused, it can't have been properly tested internally! For me personally, its caused loss of work and loss of work time. They need to provide a full and detailed response as to what happened, why it happened and what they are going to do to ensure it doesn't happen again.
  5. this just started today with MB.... pc was fine yesterday. I disabled service and rebooted so we shall see....
  6. same here-- blue screen, fans blazing spent an hour on this issue
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