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  1. Sorry, i will be leaving you. At the moment i have 1 premium account on a 2 yearly cycle and an old lifetime licence. this covered 4 pc's in total. This change now leave my 2 pc's unprotected, which i cant afford to buy 2 additional licences for these computers. So when my 2 yearly licence expires i will be looking for a deal that cover 3 pc's.
  2. Hi. I just updated malwarebytes as per request on my 3 Pc's. Now i can't activate 2 of them. This has been a lifetime licence for 3 pc's since i bought it in 2010. I have had 3 pc's using this licence with the same key for 9 years. I stress this point because a number of comments mention that there has never been a 3 pc licence. A copy of my original order was sent to me last year upon request from customer services, after a discussion about this exact point. My licence is now showing 0 of 1 devices activated where up until the update it was showing 0 of 3 devices activated
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