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  1. Used it since the very beginning when this company was pretty small .. since go got a lifetime pro licence which is cheap yes. But as this states hxxps://www.die10bestenantivirus.com the quality went down as fast as the company did grow. Might be a nice one for making money but it's ***** by now. Wrong positives all over, clumsy, asking for lots of resources and the worst thing of it all ... if one does detect it was wrong there's no 1-button-revert option. I fed up ...... it'll get uninstalled and sorry to say I'll spread the word since it followed what McAfee and others went in the past. Seems to follow the common logic of software which could get improoved in the begging, gets a pearl some day and then becomes poorer version by version. sad thing but quite common. Since so lifetime licences never pay in the end. bye and good luck for the ones still hoping that things might get better. from experience it'll not happen, since I can't name a single software where this happened.
  2. I loved Malwarebytes v1 v2 was still working ok. since then malwarebytes started charging more and more while their software became worse each time it was udpdates. Looks to me if the ones in charge of that company should better look out for a doctor as skilled as their software was in the early days, since they seem to suffer from something which will likely ruin the company must faster that it did grow up.
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