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  1. Anyone heard of this? Had a Trojan blocked this morning.
  2. Hi, I'd like to add licenses but don't know how the pricing works as we have a few active already. I didn't see any information other than straight license purchases. Can anyone provide info/links? thx
  3. Hi all, I get a desktop pop-up message telling me that there's an upgrade to the newest version available. But... I don't trust pop-ups. I do also get it when I open the program, but, when I look in Settings > Application, and hit "Install Application Updates", I get the same popup. I'll assume this is correct, but not assume so much that I won't ask... If I just told it to "Install Application Updates", why is it asking me again with a popup? Not to be paranoid, but.. you know...
  4. Cecile, please see my post regarding completely quitting out before restarting (vs. simply closing MB window)
  5. Simply rebooting didn't work for me. Before rebooting, make sure you have COMPLETELY quit out of Malwarebytes; closing the Malwarebytes window does not accomplish this; you have to right-click and quit OR stop the process via Task Manager.
  6. About to start a new thread - you have to be COMPLETELY quit from MB, not just minimized.
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