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  1. Hi guys, after the last Windows update rolled out, I noticed that during the regular daily Malwarebytes scan Windows Defender went off. It seems to see MBAMService as a Trojan while it's doing its scan, but as soon as the Malwarebytes scan ends, the supposed threat just disappears from windows defender without any clarification as to why. I don't know if the integrity of my Malwarebytes installation has been compromised or if windows defender is now producing some false positives bc of the latest update. I managed to make a screenshot of the info windows defender spits out, when you click on the more info tab. I'd be glad to get some help.
  2. Contact their support. They'll probably fix this issue since it's their fault.
  3. Nice the fix worked. Maybe next time before releasing updates, you guys might actually wanna test it on some machines.
  4. Lately malware bytes has been dropping the ball. First that annoying pop up that blocked any connections to dropbox because it appearantly was "not trusted" and now this stuff. I seriously have to uninstall the program to be able to use my pc. FFS fix this stuff and maybe before releasing updates censoreding test them on some machines. One censored is fine, but constant ones for a paid service are annoying.
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