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  1. Hawaii Missile Alert center IT team. Good work guys! Thanks for helping MWB's out. " So Sorry patch "
  2. Yeah, I can attest to THIS. I cannot imagine trying to talk my mother through this... thankfully, she only rarely fires up the PC to play solitare. Usually always on her Ipad my sis bought her.
  3. is the no bueno update . Evidently there is a new version. Prob takes a while for everyone to get new stuff.... or to trust a update..
  4. I have MWB on my phone. I cannot imagine if something like this hard crashed a cell phone... it would happen so fast you wouldn't have time to disable the app. Confidence lost... I think I'll kill that app on the phone... Sorry MWB.. but... geeze...
  5. I don't understand why ppl are starting new threads on this. I just had to go look, and there are like 5 or 6. Heh. I think I'm going to call the IT guy in Hawaii missile alert center.. maybe they know how to halp MWB crunch a fix for this. I mean, they only took 45 min to send out their " so sorry " alert.
  6. Same problem here. Signed up to post. Crashed Firefox while reading a page... and then crashed my PC shortly thereafter.... beep beep... black screen... beep beep.. I thought I had a virus or who knows what. Shut down. PC was HOT... like I'd been playing a game. I KNEW something was amiss. Same as others, I went through the Task Mgr stuff with identical results. MB will autorestart from TM shutdown IF it's open . I finally found it will not auto restart if you close it down ( the program , open on screen ).. and then kill it in TM. Crazy.
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