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  1. Memory is being chewed up and doesn't stop when you quit the service. It eventually crashes my PC. I tried a full clean reinstall and it seemingly worked since web protect stayed on but I went to look at my resources again and it's still chewing up my memory. Why do you not have a way to back out to a prior version without having to hunt the web for sketchy filesharing sites with prior versions? Might be something to think about for times like this. mb-clean-results.txt
  2. I was recently on the forums trying to find a fix for the "Real time Protection not staying on" after I tried a few of the suggested items here, now Malwarebytes will not even launch. I also tried to gather logs but the MBLog creation link in the thread said it could not be reached. I tried going there manually but was not able to access that either. All I could get were the logs from FRST. attached. Logs.zip
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