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  1. Apparently the good folks at MBAM work bankers hours. They have a live customer service chat, but it is only M-F 9-6 PST. Guess we have to hope they monitor the forums since all I've seen so far from them is an automated response to the initial comment. This could take a while if they don't get hot until Monday........
  2. Yep, I do. All can do is wait for them to roll it back or fix it. Happened to me a few years back with Trend Micro. Its rare for these events to occur, but when they do, it really shakes your confidence in the product.
  3. I checked the MB update log - the program updated just over an hour ago.....there is probably a bad file in there somewhere.
  4. I, too, it seems am having said same issues with MB3 on my two desktops. One crashed and the other is running a snail's pace. I shut down MB3 in both. I attempted to download the files that the automated reply to the opening comment generated, but the MB-check link just sits with a white page and doensn't do anything in FireFox. Funny, I checked the update log for MB3 and it performed an update to the software at 5 minutes after 4pm greenwich time (just over an hour ago).........just saying
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