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  1. Thank you. Jason and I are in communication about this.
  2. For whomever does reach out to me at whatever point, your website now shows the payment has been applied and the subscription has been updated. However, the application on my computer still shows that it is "expired, temporarily extended" and still asks me to update my payment info.
  3. I mean no disrespect, but please don't try to fob me off with patently ridiculous suggestions. 1) I couldn't have posted in this forum if I didn't already have an account, I already noted in my first post that I had updated the payment information that was supposedly missing, and 3), I received the e-mails to tell me that my ticket had been received, so none of what you suggested above applies. My MWB dashboard on my computer still says that my payment needs to be updated (it doesn't...I checked again this morning for the 5th time). Now that I at least have your attention, I will wait with
  4. I just did the upgrade as well, and I got the same screen, so I'm another person who has experienced the same issue.
  5. Gentlepeople, On August 15, the MWB app on my computer told me that you were unable to process my payment because of incorrect payment info. I checked the info and it was correct, so I checked my credit card statement on line. The payment was charged to my card on the same date, August 15. I came back to my MWB account on here, and it shows that the CVV code was missing, so I re-entered it. I also created Support TIcket #3153770. I received an automated reply that the ticket had been created, then about 5 hours later, I received another automated response saying that due to the high
  6. Just jumping on the bandwagon here. Same problem as described above: Realtime Protection gets turned off and won't turn back on, then it starts eating memory until everything stops and I have to do a hard re-boot. Uninstalled the program and it's fine now, but I don't like paying for something I can't use.
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