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  1. Uninstall is unnecessary. You can disable the process, then kill it in Task Manager and it will stop automatically restarting. Disable by: Windows Key + R -> Type then enter: services.msc -> Find the Malwarebytes process and double-click: change the startup type to "disabled" -> End task the MBAMService process in Task Manager
  2. More than just Premium. My email is blowing up with what I hope are false flag notifications on our Enterprise edition installation.
  3. Disabling all protections, and choosing to "Quit" from the taskbar icon does not resolve the problem. The process restarts and begins consuming memory automatically.
  4. This is not a glitch. I am receiving a warning that the Real-Time Protection option is turned off, and the MBAMService.exe process is gradually consuming all available RAM/Memory available at an alarming rate. It has crashed my system once, after consuming over 26GB of memory. I also admin a MWB Business/Enterprise installation at my employer, and am now receiving nearly continuous Malwarebyte Alerts and Notifications of blocked website attempts (office is closed).
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