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  1. Some of you guys are complaining about one machine. Some of us have hundreds of machines down... I wish it was just one machine
  2. Mot action this forum has gotten on a single topic at one time, I bet.
  3. Not fixed in my corporate environment. Still getting notices every minute or two.
  4. Well, I was gonna get outside and clean up dog crap...(Cincinnati, OH and we have a break in the weather), but this event has allowed me to delay the horrendous task of cleaning up after several freezing weeks and a lab who deuces a few times a day... Thanks MBAM, for delaying my pain..and giving me another thing to deal with.
  5. looks like v.2018.01.27.04 is out. I pushed to all my endpoints..lets see if the alerts stop.
  6. I just downloaded a new update...lets see if it has the fix in it.
  7. Started at 10:43 EST in my environment. Affecting others as well in another sub forum on here
  8. Happening here as well. 10:43 est. update was downloaded at 10:41. Affecting every endpoint.
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