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  1. Wow, since I turned it I now see the proof of a slowdown caused by MWB, without it, my system is speedy again. It's a pig, and now it's a runaway pig. I've used it for years but stuff like this is really looking like I'm alpha testing something and I'm unhappy.
  2. 3 hard resets later, and reboots with it saying Malwarebytes protections were shut off (multiple settings were off) and I came looking for answers. And had to go through the rigamarole to get access here so I could say something! I turned MWB off from the little icon in the box off the taskbar where it stays hidden. I couldn't even move my mouse as it sucked the majority of my RAM until it locked up my system. I was in the middle of something and lost it. I couldn't save anything.
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