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  1. Having the exact same issue had to uninstall because it wasn't going away.
  2. Hello, I just had to remove my premium Malwarebyte because out of nowhere it began crashing my system Basically I have 16Gb RAM Was watching random youtube videos and out of nowhere everything crashed and froze up, opened up task manager and it showed malwarebytes using 99% of my ram... Though it's a mistake quit malware bytes closed it down (End task) in task manager and bam... it re opens itself and starts hogging up the ram and requiring more every second. There were no scans going on and it happened for no reason. Now before I re-install malwarebyte is there any files I should delete of it just incase there are some corrupted ones ? Has this happened to anyone before? As an additional note the only way to stop it from re-openning itself was to uninstall it otherwise no matter what I did it kept opening itself.
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