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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Who pushed this without testing first, and/or why or how did it make it past the tests? Something's pretty broken on their end. Will be looking for specific details in the PR releases. This is going to get eaten up by Reddit either way.
  2. Because their software is causing the very problem it should be protecting against. If I buy a vacuum cleaner that suddenly starts spewing dust and debris all over my house, I am certainly going to ask for a refund.
  3. Ok, made another topic with screenshots of proof of all my memory being consumed within 6-8 minutes of rebooting, you can find the images there. My laptop just started behaving the same way, this is maybe 45 minutes after I noticed the problem with my main desktop. I rant to the third PC in the house and disabled automatic updates in case a new version of MBAM is casuing this via automatic updates. NOTE TO STAFF: Please add some default password-protection to your checkup utilities log files and .zip output!
  4. No, I'm arguing with the support staff because they made the bot and they are going to read this. It's unacceptable to not even have their tools password-protect the archives as a default measure. Since you aren't support staff though: please mind your own business about that.
  5. Why in the world would I want to make all of my information public by attaching those logs IN PUBLIC? Is there a private drop site where I can put these where only employees will have access?
  6. Ok. I am an unhappy cookie this morning. Woke up to find that for some reason, the Malwarebytes service's memory usage keeps constantly increasing at an alarming rate (makes the PC unusable within 10 minutes of use, no joke) without there being any activity on my computer except me typing this in Notepad, because of the problem Malwarebytes is causing. Memory use as seen in Process Hacker goes as high as 13 Gb of memory (this PC has 16 gb) before Windows (7, 64 bits) starts complaining that I'm low on memory and must quit some programs. I never have the time to actually do this because MBM is continuing to increase its craziness in the background and the PC blackscreens and I have to hard-reset. I am having to type this in Notepad over several reboots + kills of the mbam service. It takes less than 8 minutes to end up in the same place with low system memory. I have disabled self-protection in order to turn the service off via the services console (services.msc) but it refuses to comply completely, and simply turns itself back on every time, where it repeats the cycle of quickly consuming all available RAM. I have disabled EVERY scan option, notification, check for updates etc. and yet memory usage continues to increase. In the time it took to type this message, it has gone up to 6gb so I'm killing it again. I am somewhat a fast typist, by the way. This obviously makes the computer unusable since I can't be expected to restart a ¦²¬²³¦ service every 6 minutes... I don't even think I have time enough between startup and it going insane to run the tools you've suggested to another user here. Oh, and less important but also relevant, CPU usage sits at a constant 25% even though nothing is happening. No scan; nothing. I am going to have to uninstall the program to use the PC at all, so please help fix this, quickly...! Here's the progression in Process Hacker: A few minutes later (meaning about 4, look at the Total CPU time) And then antother 1-2 minutes (and I just had to kill the service again while typing this) Keeps going And this is what I get when I try to kill the service, it does kill the process but immediately restarts it despite my having set Startup to Manual and Service to Disabled...
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