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  1. For those of us who uninstalled, will a fresh install jump straight to the correct update? Just want to make sure before I take the time. Thank you!
  2. Anyone having trouble uninstalling? The uninstaller is hung up for me...
  3. I tried running another scan and my computer crashed, even the BSOD was screwed up. I restarted again and shut down MB before it could really get going. Now everything seems to be running fine... Pretty disappointing, I just bought this last week when I did the reformat on a friend's recommendation :/
  4. This morning I was poking around on my laptop- only Chrome in the foreground, with MB premium running in the background, plus steam, and a few normal windows processes and junk. (I just reformatted last week.) Suddenly my computer started running very slow. I closed chrome first because it's more commonly my culprit, but the computer remained sluggish- it took a few minutes to launch Task Manager. I was surprised to see Malwarebytes service listed at 5,300-6,000mb, and I couldn't even open the program to see if it was scanning. I rebooted and launched ready manager and watched MB quickly work it's way up to the same 5gb range. I successfully ran a scan to see if something was going on- no results, though I noticed it had disabled my web protection. Computer is still running slow, MB is still running at about 5,600mb, and it doesn't seem to want to turn back on Web protection. It kind of just hangs on "Starting..." and eventually gives up. I'm new to the software, I used to use Avast. Any advice?
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