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  1. This is a separate issue. Lastpass is having issues (check twitter), I noticed this while Malwarebytes was completely shut down on my comp.
  2. Just a suggestion but I think it would be nice if someone from the staff created a pinned topic with replies disabled for them to post any updates on this issue. The other thread has become impossible to follow.
  3. Can they not just republish last properly working version, then take the time to figure out the problem and solve it for good?
  4. i think the trick is to kill it in the task manager before it has a chance to restart. that seemed to work but you have to get the timing just right. or just uninstall
  5. okay so how do i keep malwarebytes from restarting on its own every time i quit? ending task in task manager is not preventing this from happening
  6. same here, memory keeps ramping up to 6+ gb and real-time protection won't stay on
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