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  1. Thanks Alex. That seems to have done the trick--at least for now.
  2. Thanks, but your post does not say where the tool can be found. I would hope it is at a malwarebytes site?
  3. I am the one who started the thread on January 27. i am now running Version 3.31.2183, Pack Version 1.0.262, and upgrade Pack 1.03807 The same problem persists-- Web protection stays on for less than a second and then turns itself off. Upgrading from 1.03797 to 103807 did not help despite the fact that I have rebooted 6 times. What should be next? Deactivate, clean, and reinstall? If so what function does clean perform and how can I be certain that I am getting it from a trusted source? I am about fully fed up with the warnings (which constantly appear) that my Real Time protection is turned off
  4. I am running Malwarebytes Premium Version 3.31.2183 Pack version 1.0.262 Upgrade Pack 1.03797 I too keep getting the warning Web Protection is Turned off although the other protections are shown as working. When I attempt to turn on Web Protection, it reverts to off almost instantaneously. Since I am already running 1.0.262,I presuming the advice given to Sorbe (December 21, 2017) does not apply. Can you please help?
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