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  1. The computer has just crashed. Before the crash there was a MS message "Your computer is low on memory". My computer has 16G real memory and I never ever got this message. Only Google Chrome was running at that time. Task Manager showed that MBAMService.exe was taking 12-13% CPU and 14G virtual memory. After re-boot MBAMService.exe is still taking 12-13% CPU and virtual memory is constantly increasing (now 10G).
  2. I did everything you said: - used MB tool to automatically re-install MB - added 14 files and 2 folders to Avast exclusion list (I do not quite understand why I need to add individual files if whole directory is excluded. I do not have MBAMService subdirectory). It looks like it did NOT fix the problem. The Web Protection layer is either off (and I get the message) or it is hanging in the "starting" status. Attaching MB re-install log.mb-clean-results.txt
  3. Last 10 days I see the message "Real-Time Protection turned off". In Malwarebytes Settings/Protection tab I see that Web Protection is turned off. Any attempts to turn it on fail. In addition, last couple of days I get a system box with a message "We are sorry but MB service stopped working. The program will now restart" with OK button. Pressing OK restarts MB. Attaching mb-check-results.zip file. mb-check-results.zip
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