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  1. Hi @AdvancedSetup, can I have an update on this even though it's not finish yet? I just want to know the steps and tests that you did and what will you do in the next days.
  2. Hi, it has nothing to do whether it is still supported or not, old or new. The point is, it is working when web protection is turned off..
  3. Hi, The model is Huawei E359. I am attaching a snapshot of the device manager here. For the second, please find the attached zip file for Speccy. Thanks! ENGR-PEDRIGAL.zip
  4. @dcollins No update for the modem buddy. This is an old modem but still working.
  5. And what if you can't find answers? I am attaching windows troubleshooter here. It's because of MWAC filter. Windows Troubleshooter.pdf
  6. Hi @AdvancedSetup, just to be clear. I can connect with GLOBE TATTOO BROADBAND when WEB PROTECTION on MB is turned OFF. I can't connect with it if it's turn ON. WEB PROTECTION ON: - Can't ping - Can't trace route - Can't Browse WEB PROTECTION OFF: - Can ping - Can trace route - Can browse I don't think it is necessary to uninstall MB since, I just need to turned off web protection while browsing using Globe Tattoo Broadband BUT THIS IS NOT IDEAL. Also, I don't think this has something to do with W
  7. Still don't work. Here's the log for your reference. MTB.txt
  8. Hi @AdvancedSetup please find attached file.. Fixlog.txt
  9. Done. Please check attached files. Please note that I can connect thru WiFi and Wired. I only can't connect when using USB Wireless Broadband Dongle. Addition.txt FRST.txt STEP 1 - MB SCAN LOGS.txt STEP 2 - AdwCleaner[C0].txt
  10. Hi @AdvancedSetup This happened when I installed Malwarebytes. I tried Firefox and Internet Explorer and it can't also connect. When I add chrome or firefox or internet explorer or any browser in exclusions, I can browse but I cannot ping, update malwarebytes, update windows, etc. Also, this computer is a second hand so I don't know about the software hacks. With regards to that, I will talk to the seller and ask him for that. For the mean time, let's fix this first. Thanks!
  11. Hi @Porthos gentle follow up on my query above. Thank you so much! ?
  12. Hi to Porthos, I have the same problem saphicdrmr however, I use a USB WIRELESS BROADBAND DONGLE and I was surprised that my MB was blocking the internet. Can you help me with this? I followed your steps above and here are the results: mb-check-results.zip
  13. I have unchecked it and it works fine. By the way, before it was check and everything is fine. But why now? Thank you
  14. Every time I open firefox, I get this notification from Malwarebytes about blocking it then firefox closes. Here is the pic of the log in Malwarebytes(see attached file or link here https://i.imgur.com/gQOOTLL.png ). Why is it now blocking firefox? Before ver 58.0, it's fine and no detections found. But now in ver 58.0, why?? I already talked to Firefox Support and they said that it is a false positive and must be added to excluded detections. I'm just worried. Should I exempt this or not?
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