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  1. Apparently elves came and fixed my phone because the browsers are working again. Thank you for your help. I have been a happy user of the Premium version on my laptop since 10/2016. It's not clear to me whether I should reinstall on my phone. I'll check around on your website and try to get a clearer picture.
  2. Thank you. I did try uninstalling it and that has not returned functionality. My phone does not have a Protection setting - did you mean in the Mbytes settings? I looked at Privacy and pretty much all the settings. Part of the install was a recommendation that I encrypt the phone and I did so. Might de-encryption make any difference?
  3. I installed Malwarebytes on my android phone, using recommended settings. No malware found. I had been using Firefox and Chrome. Now neither one functions. I can still make calls. Appreciate any replies, no comment is too basic....
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