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  1. I just received a quarantine on this today also. It was on my Quicken (QW.exe) file. Is this a false positive also?
  2. Nothing found. I'm going to assume we are good to go. If I need to do anything else, please let me know. If I'm done, all I can say is THANK YOU!!!!!!
  3. I just noticed that my RogueKiller was out of date....barely. So I downloaded the new one and ran it. It found a few errors, but not as many. It also automatically opened up to this link in Chrome https://www.adlice.com/remove-pum/ New report attached. RogueKiller2.txt
  4. I ran RogueKiller and repaired the entries that you listed. I have attached the log from that. Here is the report from TDSKiller 08:17:28.0705 0x1e88 TDSS rootkit removing tool Jan 24 2018 17:27:43 08:17:28.0705 0x1e88 UEFI system 08:17:35.0317 0x1e88 ============================================================ 08:17:35.0317 0x1e88 Current date / time: 2018/01/29 08:17:35.0317 08:17:35.0317 0x1e88 SystemInfo: 08:17:35.0317 0x1e88 08:17:35.0317 0x1e88 OS Version: 10.0.16299 ServicePack: 0.0 08:17:35.0317 0x1e88 Product type: Workstation 08:17:
  5. I have done all the steps. Nothing found in Malwarebytes or AdwCleaner. RogueKiller found items. Files attached. While RogueKiller was running, I noticed one of the errors it found was in my recycle bin. So I did go and empty my recycle bin. I assumed this wouldn't effect anything...and it needed to be done since I hadn't done it in a while. The system seems to be running well. I have NOT had any errors or notifications from Windows Defender or Malwarebytes since a few days ago. (same one as posted earlier in this thread) Let me know if I need to do anything else or if you
  6. same error. I ran it from the desktop as administrator Fixlog.txtAddition.txtFRST.txt
  7. same error. Are there any services or processes I should stop first? Can this be run from a folder on my desktop, or does it need to be on the desktop. I did run it as administrator by the way. I rebooted normal and rang FRST. logs attached. I also included the fixlog.txt. FRST.txt Fixlog.txt Addition.txt
  8. Same error. So I re-downloaded the FRST.exe to my desktop. Saved the fixlist.txt to my desktop Ran FRST (as adminisitrator) (files attached) Ran fix...error (attached) FRST.txt Addition.txt Fixlog.txt
  9. I went ahead and ran AdwCleaner. Here is the log file. The system seems to be running ok. No errors being thrown up by malwarebytes or windows defender. AdwCleaner[C0].txt
  10. Couldn't finish the FRST64.exe. It gave an error. See screen capture.
  11. Just got this notice from Windows Defender. Malwarebytes didn't catch anything though.
  12. Nothing found. Here are the two files. system-log.txt mbar-log-2018-01-23 (19-07-41).txt
  13. Like an idiot, I opened a word document in an email....from a trusted person...who's email was compromised. Windows defender found this trojan. I ran a full scan and all appears to be clean. But I am doubtful. I now have malwarebytes running. I did a full scan and it too showed clean (it did find 1 problem that it fixed) I downloaded and ran FRST. The two files are attached. Thank you Guy FRST.txt Addition.txt
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