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  1. I decided to ditch Bitdefender. It was slowing down my system, locking out printers, and creating a host of other issues that vanished as soon as I removed it. Still have Malwarebytes running, and installed Webroot Pro. They seem to play nicely together, and I have access to my printers, my system is fast, and, well, I'm just a happier person.
  2. So, it sounds like it's a good thing to run both. I'll check the other thread I quoted and add the exclusions. The world can be a dangerous place. Thanks.
  3. Ran into some nasty malware and don't want to experience that again. Malwarebytes (free) saved me. I have a subscription to Bitdefender, but did not have it installed at the time. After MWB got rid of the demon, I reinstalled Bitdefender (in the middle of an annual subscription), and BD told me to get rid of MWB. I've since found this thread: Wondering at the wisdom or running both Malwarebytes Pro and Bitdefender together on the same machine. Again, I don't want to experience that demon again.
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