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  1. I created the usb per your specifications (using RUFUS and the ISO and then putting FRST on it too) but the computer will not boot from the flashdrive now, the laptop starts normal windows.
  2. I’ve never done it before but I can try, if you tell me what the settings should be for it then I can see if it’ll work.
  3. I tried following the directions again of usb booting into recovery mode and then running frst through the command prompt, but the log file it gave me is identical to the one you said wasn’t produced correctly.
  4. Surface Pro only has one USB input, am I supposed to format the recovery drive on the flashdrive, plug it in and boot the laptop into Recovery environment, then unplug the usb, wipe it, and load FST onto it and plug it back in? I'm sorry, I feel like I'm missing something here.
  5. The second PC is running Windows 8 and can’t be updated to Windows 10, is creating the recovery drive still possible?
  6. Here's the fixlog, I'll try to boot into Recovery Environment again now. Fixlog.txt *edit* Still can not boot into Recovery Environment, my laptop just restarts.
  7. I have the flashdrive with FRST on it prepared, but I can't seem to get the laptop to boot into Recovery Environment, it just restarts. I tried all seven methods the article mentioned but none were successful. I can get the computer to boot into Safe Mode though, would that help anything?
  8. Hi, MBAM has failed to quarantine/remove three identified trojan viruses several times today. I checked some sources and saw that it was recommended that I try MBAM Anti-Rootkit Beta to solve this, so I installed and ran it. It located the files and I selected to clean them and restarted my laptop, but if I run Anti-Rootkit or MBAM again it still detects the same files and MBAM still fails to quarantine them. I also tried running the scans and quarantining from Safe Mode, but that did not change the results. Any suggestions? Addition.txt FRST.txt Threat Scan Log.txt
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