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  1. Yeah still here. Looks like my infection is gone. I have added AVG to my arsenal and use Firefox with the NoScript Plugin for unknown web sites like those found in Reddit. This last PUP might have messed up my HDD as it's Recycle Bin had 300 GB of files in it that I couldn't delete as well as missing files on drive. Either a PUP or a Hack.
  2. I just reinstalled Win10x64 and Chrome. After Chrome installation I had a positive for PUP.OPtional.Legacy. The PUP is in the Chrome Installation Files. AdwCleaner[C01].txt AdwCleaner[C02].txt
  3. Sorry but MalwareBytes doesn't detect them. Resort to adwcleaner and HitmanPro. Also this ir a new install so only PUP was PUP.Optional.Legacy was detected by adwcleaner.
  4. Other than why I keep getting these PUP infections running MalwareBytes Premium and Windows Defender. I suspect they are getting in through Chrome when on Reddit.
  5. Yes. Still no sign of the infection. System must be clear. Have switched to FireFox with NoScript when cruising Reddit.
  6. Yes. Good news is it looks like I got rid of the PUP's on all 3 machines. See if it comes back in the next few days.
  7. Thanks Aura for responding. Both my PC and 2 Laptops were infected with PUP.Optional.Legacy. I suspect I piched it up while opening a link on Reddit as that's when my Chrome Browser acted crazy for a few minutes. I followed the Instructions given to rid my PC and it worked for a day but came back. Then I discovered my Laptop was infected and Posted this I then received an email from Advanced Setup to follow instructions in this thread https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/214325-chrome-secure-preferences-detection-always-comes-back/ This did not remove the Malware so I proceeded to uninstall Chrome, delete the AppData Folders and the Google Folder in ProgramFiles(86) and ran ADWCleaner and reinstalled Chrome but never logged in and Malware stayed removed. I then ran ADWCl;eaner on my PC and discovered the same PUP was back so I unsynced Chrome, Uninstalled Chrome, deleted all Directories and ran FRST64 and Fixlist again. I then scanned with ADWCleaner and found no Malware. I then re-installed Chrome on my PC from Googles site using Edge and I did not login or sync and scanned with ADWCleaner and after another Scan there shows no Malware. I then Logged into Chrome and turned in sync (I had erased all data on Chrome Servers, so no bookmarks even) and the PUP.Optional.Legacy was back. I then checked Laptop and the PUP was back on it after I logged On Chrome and synced the data. So I am back to square one. AdwCleaner[C20]_PC.txt AdwCleaner[S07]_Laptop.txt AdwCleaner[S20]_PC.txt AdwCleaner[C07]_Laptop.txt
  8. Hi. I posted a request for help with an infection on my Laptop but have got no response. What do I do next?
  9. So just like my computer my Laptop is infected with the PUP.Optional.Legacy Malware and neither Malwarebytes 3, adwcleaner or HitmanPro can successfully remove it. I have run FRST64 and attached the txt files. Any help much appreciated. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. I tried everything but keeps coming back. Malwarebytes detects nothing. HitmanPro detects nothing. I have signed out of Chrome and ran adwcleaner, deleteted the Chrome Folder in AppData Folder in both local and Roaming. Any help will be appreciated. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. I did that, see if it helps. Could they come from a downloaded program?
  12. So I had some malware that I ran Malwarebytes Pro to remove and it didn't detect anything. I then ran HitmanPro and it found and cleaned 29 tracking Cookies. Since these were found mostly in Chromes AppData Folder I ran the scan on my 2 synced laptops and also found 29 tracking cookies. Malwarebytes also found nothing. I also reset my phone because I was unable to find an App to clean my phone as the Malwarebytes App failed to detect anything. Unfortunately the tracking cookies reappear especially scorecardresearch.com tracking cookie. I ran Farbar but it didn't find anything I don't think. I ran HitmanPro again and more showed up. What do I do. Thanks. FRST.txt Incident Report.txt HitmanPro_20180119_1557.log
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