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  1. Hi, I am a premium subscriber to MB for iOS. Today I received an obvious spammer text message. However, it did not display in the Unknown and Junk folder, but in the Contacts and SMS folder. Why would that occur? I believe I provided MB with access to my Contacts List when I set up the app. Are my expectations out of line, or could something else be going on? P.S. I subsequently reported the Spammer's phone number using the process within the app. Thanks.
  2. Ok. Thanks vbarytskyy. That makes sense. Now, what about any other applications/files/folders I may wish to exclude? Should I exclude them in BOTH Malwarebytes and Defender or just in Malwarebytes, and why? Next, are there any other Malwarebytes-suggested Windows 10 settings? If no other Malwarebytes-suggested Windows settings, please tell me. Thanks again.
  3. I'm confused as to how Malwarebytes should work/interact with Windows 10 Defender. I have MB installed and have listed several application/files/folders as exclusions. Should I duplicate these same exclusions in Windows Defender? Seems redundant if I do, but what's the risk if I don't? Additionally, are there any Windows Security (or other) settings which should be enabled/disabled to facilitate an optimal coexistence between MB and Defender? Thanks in advance for your help.
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