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  1. exile360, thank you very much for the assistance. I will try it out next week and update. However, if I understand what you are saying, I need to make this registry change using a user mode script - I CAN'T use an AD GPO to make the change - correct?
  2. That's a little hard to believe... based on what you say, even if the user changes it they would be blocked... correct? In other words, IE is locked to MSN if Malwarebytes is installed?
  3. Thank you. What if I use the 2nd option, push the change from AD and then change it back to the default? Does Malwarebytes keep track of the old homepage or just the fact that someone is trying to change it? Thanks
  4. I created a GPO to set the homepage on IE to www.google.com on a domain (all PCs) because BING (the default for IE) was returning too many ads which result in false search results and malware... problem is that MB blocked a legit homepage change via the GPO push: Name: PUM.Optional.HomepageControl Category: PUM Type: Registry Value Location: HKU\S-1-5-21-256855767-3015616215-949025977-1307\SOFTWARE\POLICIES\MICROSOFT\INTERNET EXPLORER\CONTROL PANEL|HOMEPAGE How do I allow this ch
  5. A couple of issues on the cloud interface I have questions about: - I'd like to reset the stats or at least see only the "last 24 hour" results across the Dashboard. It's rather annoying to try to figure out what was new from last nights scan on the default Dashboard. - it would be awfully nice if the reports could be viewed on the screen first and then exported - any way to do it? Super annoying to have to wait and download. - Quarantine and Detection lists need to have time filters? - can't resize columns? (and too much white space in general)
  6. Lost 40+ PCs this morning and this has ruined my whole day. MEP is really a half-baked product - even before this I was very frustrated with it - endpoints not checking in, detections on PCs but unable to quarantine, no way to clear stats on the web portal, no way to clear detections lists, very limited info overall and, the biggest pisser - can't even open up an interface on the PCs themselves to see if things are actually working or to see which set of signatures is installed. So, how to I tell if the corrected signatures are installed?
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