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  1. Hi Kevin. Thanks for the reply. I downloaded the program and did a scan. I don't feel comfortable posting the entire log here. What should i be looking for? What else can we do? Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm new to the forum so excuse if this post is not in the correct place but i really need some help on this one.. My fathers computer has been running terribly slow and he says it's been turning off and restarting and just acting strange. So i figured i can run malwarebytes + other virus scanners, CCleaner, clear his cache and cookies and web history and i figured that would do the trick but after i did all the troubleshooting, the same symptoms are appearing. So i pulled up netstat and I found out his computer is connecting to pornhub.com via firefox sessions( which aren't open) and 1sass.exe appears to be the one that's opening them? I've tried scanning with multiple antivirus programs, tried different firewalls. I tried going through command prompt to delete the file but it woudln't allow me to do so. I've attached a screenshot. What should i do? Thank you
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