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  1. Thanks for your reply. I completely understand that this is bogus, and I also know how to kill the FF process BUT this bogus site is popping up daily and with FF open just to some clean site like MSNBC or wile clicking on a completely benign and trusted link.
  2. I have a user running Win7 Pro 64. They are continually being directed in FireFox to a fake "your computer is infected site" I have run a full Avast scan - no items found A MalwareBytes scan - nothing found Windows Defender - nothing found FF has no add-ins or extensions completely deleted their FF profile Done a system restore back as far as possible I cant get a clear answer from the user if it will happen when FF is not running (I think it has to be open, but could be in the background). I myself have clicked on a totally clean link and been redirected to the "your infected" page, but as I said I think FF just needs to be open, no link click necessary. All startup programs and services are legit The URL to the site is a very long string: h t t p : //code-ss57.stream/guest/01234567891011121314151617181920212223.... Any thoughts, or help would be appreciated
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