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  1. I am going to do the things you told me in last post, but I was just wondering if you knew the capabilities of any of those viruses I had? I don't have any valuable information on my computer (such as credit cards) but do you know exactly what those malwares could have done/could have been doing that I did not know about?
  2. Yoan, I just want to start off with saying thank you. I followed all of your instructions, and everything worked perfectly. I ended up having 50 malware items on my computer, and the Anti-Rootkit thing worked perfectly when you gave me the .zip. I had so many weird files that I was going to show you to see for yourself, but it didn't let me copy and paste the logs. I had tons and tons of trojan clickers, adware.yelloaders, trojan.agents, and something with the word hijack in it. Anyways, for now, everything seems to be running good as new. To be honest, i did not think I would ever get this virus off my computer, and thought everything was hopeless. You just made a 16-year-old kids day!! I am so happy my computer works again! Windows defender started up on its own, and I can also open up the task manager again without it instantly closing! Thank you so, so, so much Yoan! I hope they are paying you well for doing your job in such an incredible way. Sincerely, and forever grateful for your help, Dane
  3. Did I do something wrong? When I downloaded the MBAr thing, it was just a single file, and not a folder like you said. but i did try that program before. Whenever I try to run it as an administrator, it says "Requested Resource is in use" error. Do you know anything else I can use?
  4. Tried that program before. Whenever I try to run it as an administrator, it says "Requested Resource is in use" error. Do you know anything else I can use?
  5. Hello! For the past few months, I have been looking online for help for this apparently uncommon virus and have failed to find any useful help, so here I am. I am 100% sure I downloaded this virus myself while looking for certain free software online. Anyways, the first thing I noticed was wrong with my computer, was the inability to turn on Windows Defender. Whenever I click "Start now", a message pops up saying "The service couldn't be started. The requested resource is in use." with error code 0x800700aa. Now, at the time I assumed that was the only problem. Later on, after searching online forever to find an answer, (which I never did), I tried opening my task manager. I just pressed CTRL + ALT + DELETE to open task manager, but whenever I click task manager, it opens for a second, and instantly closes. So I am unable to check what is running and don't know what the cause is. Later on, I gave up and decided I should just reset my entire computer, considering there's really nothing on it at all (oddly enough, it says it's almost full? Not sure if its because of the virus). I go to "Reset my PC" in the settings, and I click it once, nothing happens, click it twice, nothing happens. I wait, nothing happens. I have gone into Safe Mode in hopes that it will allow me to reset my PC there, but it doesn't even allow me to open the settings. This virus has disabled Windows Defender, my ability to view task manager, and my ability to reset my computer. I have tried countless software, including Malwarebytes, to get rid of this virus, but to no avail. Every program I try to use, whether it be MalwareBytes anti rootkit, MalwareBytes Beta, or McAfee Stinger, I simply get a "The requested resource is in use." message. All my life, I thought I was a wiz with computers, but here I am, feeling like the dumbest person ever because I have absolutely no clue what to do. I think now would be a good time to mention, I believe I found the virus folder, called "ntuserwhitelist", which I have read online is a pretty infamous virus. I found it by going to my user > App Data > Local. Inside this file are 2 folders called "svcvmx" and another called "regtool". I believe the real perp is inside the svcvmx file. Inside of it, there's a bunch of .dlls, PAK files, Application extensions, and 2 applications, being svcvmx.exe and vmxclient.exe. Now, you may be thinking "delete them dummy", but the thing is, I have deleted these numerous times, and they keep coming back! I don't know how to get them off! I come here in hopes that you guys will understand that, any .exe file isn't running on my computer and I don't know what else to do. I have seen in other posts that the support just recommends using some sort of MalwareBytes file, but I don't think that will work in my case, and I am desperate for advice. I delete the virus folder, restart my computer, and everything is still.... messed up, and eventually it reinstalls itself. I don't know what else to do. I really hope someone here can help me! Thank you for reading, I tried to be as detailed as I could
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