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  1. So the make and model is a Sony Vaio svf14a190x. When it boots up it goes into a black Vaio loading screen that says "Preparing Automatic Repair", then a command prompt window flashes for half a second, then it goes into the same black Vaio screen which now says "Diagnosing your PC", and then immediately into the blue screen recovery mode that says something like There was a problem repairing your PC. That's where all the options from above like the command prompt are. HOWEVER, sort of good news, I found out that this Vaio model has a small physical button labeled "Assist" that I've never
  2. The refresh option doesn't work, if I click "Reset PC" and "Keep my files" it just tries to do so for about a second and then just says "There was a problem resetting your PC" and makes me cancel it. That's the option you're talking about right? Let me know if there's any other option here, because otherwise I might just try to physically unscrew the bottom of the laptop, remove the hard drive, copy what I need to another PC, and then reset this PC with "removing my files." Assuming even that option would work. But that's a last resort.
  3. It says there aren't any restore points to go back to. Is that fix supposed to create a restore point to go back to? Or does it restore my system to its status on Jan 13 and then allow it to restore only IF there was already an existing restore point?
  4. I ran the fix, here's the Fixlog.txt file. However, restarting the PC to Normal mode didn't work - when I restarted, it just went back to saying "Preparing Automatic Repair", then "Diagnosing your PC" then into the blue screen that says Automatic Repair and "Your PC did not stat correctly". Same issue as before. Let me know if there's something else I can do - thanks! Fixlog.txt
  5. Hi Kevin, I've been out of town for a couple days without the sick PC but will try this asap tomorrow. Thanks!
  6. Hi, This morning I woke up to my laptop finishing a Win 10 update, but a few things seemed wrong. At first there was no audio, so I restarted. Then the audio was way too loud, so I thought something might be wrong with the driver, and I restarted. This whole time, Malwarebytes was trying to download an update, same as it usually does every so often. After I finally gave in and updated, I restarted again. After that, I got a BSOD saying mbamswissarmy.sys was corrupted and that Windows 10 was gathering data to try to repair. The repair failed and now I'm in an automatic repair loop, wh
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