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  1. Hello Ive had 2 emails from the well known scam that is going round asking for bitcoins to stop everyone seeing my porn activity etc. My slight concern is that when I was checking the 'to' and 'from' field I clicked on 'From' which was my email address, and the contact info box popped up with my email (i know this is spoofed). But when I clicked on the 'To' field which had my password on it the contact box popped up briefly, didnt display anything, then disappeared. Internet search didnt bring up any info on this so its probably ok but just wanted confirmation that its not possible to get infected this way? I have Malwarebytes premium Received the emails in Outlook. Many thanks
  2. Thanks Aura, had a feeling that I might have been being a bit paranoid but that really puts my mind at rest.
  3. Yesterday I was on YouTube reading comments and I stupidly clicked on a link someone posted (Have attached screen shot of link). When I clicked on it the address bar displayed some strange mixed letters at first then landed on the website link.tl with a long address after it. A box popped up that was scanning files and said 'your file has been found', then a box popped up to 'cancel' or 'download'. I didn't click on anything and closed the website and ran a scan in Malwarebytes (already installed) which didn't detect any issues. The link began with youtubem.video so I searched that on its own and it took me to exactly the same page and behaved the same way. Im worried that some kind virus is hidden on my PC, or has got on to the BIOS possibly? I went on to Reddit to ask and got some help there. I ran rkill, Malwarebytes again, Malwarebytes ADW cleaner. Then went through every process running to check date of install and last used and all seemed fine. I did some research this morning and found a few websites that check URL's for any reported viruses like virustotal.com. This website couldnt search as it said it was an IP address, this is started to get me worried. I also checked link.tl and that had a couple of red flags but all other results showed it was clean. youtubem.video didnt have any bad marks against it. I have since ran hitmanpro and that only found cookies, nothing threatening. Have attached the 2 txt files from Fabar and the screen shot of the suspicious link. Im now thinking the only way for piece of mind is to wipe hard drive, flash BIOS and do a reinstall? Edit: This is the youtube video i was watching incase its inportant. As you can see it was a perfectly innocent video!: youtube.com/watch?v=miawvAig7zE FRST.txt Addition.txt
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